animal genetics

Animal Genetics is a branch of genetics that investigates the genetic basis for animal disease, parentage, heredity, and phenotypic traits. Analysing traits on the DNA level is one of the most accurate methods to investigate traits that are inherited. Our state-of-the-art laboratory makes use of cutting-edge technologies which ensures efficient, accurate, and cost-effective DNA analysis for our various service offerings. 

ZooOmics™ does not compromise when it comes to upholding regulatory and international standards in the animal genetics industry. We comply with reputable international and national organisations, and provide over 100 tests, with over 10 years of animal genetics experience. All our services are internationally competitively priced to provide access to these technologies for responsible Animal breeding and healthcare.

Genetics is an evolving and innovative field and our expert team has maintained our place at the forefront by contributing to the industry and developing these cutting-edge techniques.

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